The Family Jam Production Co. is closing for business on 1st June 2017

Any orders for jams, marmalades or chutneys need to be emailed to celiatoler@hotmail.com before then.    Thank you.   

About Us

The Family Jam Production Company is a family-run smallholding at Yarrangall Green Farm, Cheshire, growing fruit and vegetables to go in a wide-range of quality jams and preserves. We started selling to the public at Farmers’ Markets in 2005 and then had our own Family Jam Shop.

The company was formed by 3 artists – a photographer, a writer and a sculptor – who have combined their knowledge to make a sustainable enterprise which is sometimes quirky, often philosophical and always welcoming.

We are passionate about growing the fruit and vegetables which go into our products. Our gardening is hands-on and traditional. We do not use chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Our recipes use natural preserving methods (sugar and vinegar but very little salt, no additives or artificial flavours). In this way we know what goes into each jar.

Redcurrants Copy of IMG_4184 Conscious of climate change, we support the production of local food in order to reduce energy consumption. Our wish is to have a whole farm policy of sustainability. We grow raspberries, currants, vegetables, herbs and plums. Our orchard trees are young and extra apples and pears come from our sister’s farm or other family and friends. The woodland produces wild crab apples and rowan, and our hedgerows produce damsons and elderflowers. All of these we put into our preserves.  I make the jams, my sister Pam is the farm manager,  Monsieur Henri makes the mustards and pasta sauces, and my husband Steve designs and prints our labels.

So when you buy a jar of Family JAM you are not only buying a delicious natural product but you are also buying into a tradition of preserving for future generations

Celia Toler

Our jam store is always open by arrangement.
Please phone: 01928 740200 or 07522 752999